Civil Rights: 9/11 & Non-Citizens
The primary focus of the course will be a straight academic assessment of the legality of the government's policies in each of these areas. The class, however, will also explore the issues from a variety of other perspectives, including from the perspective of history and from the strategic perspective of the lawyers and litigants involved in major September 11 cases.


This course will examine how the government's post-September 11 policies have affected non-citizens. Among the areas that will be addressed are:
(1) secret immigration hearings;
(2) the various means used by the Justice Department in the wake of September 11 to detain non-citizens;
(3) the special registration requirements for non-citizens from select countries; and
(4) whether the government has selectively applied its post-September 11 policies to non-citizens on the basis of race, religion, ethnicity or nationality.

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